Lucky Dog Construction, inc

Millwright Division is a full service millwright team that specializes in the installation of any and all mechanical and rotating equipment associated with all industries. We offer complete service from receiving the equipment, preservation, setting, levelling, grouting and laser alignment of both the motors and driven equipment, as well as the structural steel erection and piping associated with it. We handle things from receiving complete through to turn over.


With the expertise and experience of our staff and our equipment we can handle any situation and continue to be cost effective.

We keep our workers and project safe with key safety initiatives:

  • Quality Control System
  • Formal Safety Plan
  • Written Erection Stability Policy and Plan
  • Rigorous third party audit process.


We have had many years of experience and understand all the processes. Seamless startups are our specialty. Once again we are cost effective as we can perform a lot of these functions while still finishing other installs, efficiently and effectively using our work force.


With all our staff trained in Joint Integrity we can help with getting to the “Ready for Hydro Testing Stage.”


We offers  full range of machining and millwright services including but not limited to:

  • Use API 686 standards for installations & API 610 for receiving equipment
  • Coordination of shut down and new equipment installs
  • Repair Maintenance
  • Laser Alignment
  • Part/Repairs Procurement
  • Hands-on Machining & Millwright work
  • Small Equipment Operation
  • Installation of equipment
  • Receiving – Inspection
  • Equipment Preservation
  • Pre Installation Inspections (insuring any manufacturing defects are repaired before installation)
  • Base preparation (bush hammer, etc.)
  • Rough alignments (setting equipment to coordinates N, E and elevation)
  • Precision base levelling (API 686)
  • Grouting – both epoxy and cementatious
    • Forming for grouting
    • Void repairs to grout
  • Alignment – laser alignment of motors and driven equipment
    • Pre Torque Alignment
  • Pipe strain checks (API 686)
    • Pipe torque
    • After torquing pipe
    • Final bolt up after hydro testing
  • Motor run-ins and rotation checks
  • All documentation QA / QC checks and all inspections needed for turn over to operations
  • Retrofitting (upgrading) equipment
  • Rebuilding (pumps & compressors)
  • Commissioning & Start-up Assistance
  • Lube oil flushing
  • Hydraulic torquing of flanges and stationary equipment