Lucky Dog Construction, is the company you want erecting steel on your project.

We always deliver a high quality installation because our skilled ironworkers and site supervisors are always familiar with our details and procedures.

No other company takes more pride in their work, and on your project. We sequence our deliveries Just In Time (JIT) to meet our needs and minimize site requirements. This results in a less congested site and allows the owner’s production to function normally without disruption due to construction activities.

We keep our workers and project safe with key safety initiatives:

  • Quality Control System
  • Formal Safety Plan
  • Written Erection Stability Policy and Plan
  • Rigorous third party audit process.

Process Equipment

As a full-service process system provider, Wright Process Systems distributes, installs, and services all the parts and accessories you need to run your process system at peak performance.

Our process equipment selection includes:

  • Ice cream freezers
  • Homogenizers and high pressure pumps
  • Modular and plant-floor CIP Systems
  • Modular and plant-floor process systems
  • Shear devices – pumps, tank mixers, and more
  • Hydration and emulsification systems
  • Ingredient metering, conveyance, distribution, and injection systems
  • Separators, centrifuges, clarifiers, and bactofuges
  • Heat exchangers – plate and frame, shell and tube, scraped surface, double tube, and more
  • Blenders, agitators, and vacuum mixers
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Pumps – centrifugal, multi-stage, positive displacement, drum “stick” versions, tote pumps, double diaphragm, and more
  • Valves – single seat, double seat “mixproof”, sample, aseptic, control, throttling, and more